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Sponsor A Water Project

How to Sponsor a water project?

A single water project transforms the lives of hundreds of people in Uganda. While our projects differ from solution to solution, all of our projects integrate water, health and hygiene education and local ownership model. Depending on the solution-single project sponsorship ranges from $5,000 to $25,000. To commemorate your gift we'll recognize you with a plaque at a community water point or at our national office.

To sponsor a water project:

  • -Make a personal donation of $5,000 or more.
  • -Or raise $5,000 or more as a group - through your place of worship, school, book club, company, friends and family, or your Walk for Water team.

If you provide us with photos or letters for community/church/rotary/school members, we'll deliver and share them on your behalf. Better yet, travel to Uganda to see the impact of your water project firsthand during the project commissioning.

For more information, contact Noel at +256 702 420 000 OR Coordinator@PresAIDUganda.org

How to Fund a water Project?

Complete Community Water Solution - For Lake Victoria-Uganda (144 fishing villages) What if, with a single gift, you could change the lives of an entire community? Partner with PresAID Uganda, who will effectively use your gift and multiply its impact to equip Lake Victoria Islands and Fishing villages with a complete water solution.

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What does that mean? It means bringing water and sanitation systems to those who need it most. Including everything from a shallow well and solar-powered water system, to a dedicated household access point for every family in the community. This project means a better life for a rural community and saved lives of children who will be protected from waterborne illnesses and infections. It means a community-based safe water committee that will manage the ongoing maintenance of the system and education about safe water practices to safeguard its water supply for years to come.

  • Complete Community Water Solution
  • Help fundraise for a Complete Community Water Solution!
This project isn't one well, one water pump, or one latrine. It isn't just providing a few meals, to some children, in one house. Or helping a few girls, get to one school instead of collecting water. It's wrapping your arms around thousands and thousands of people on Lake Victoria's fishing villages and Islands, in Uganda a country that has a high concentration of poverty in Africa. Helping them battle thirst, illness, and disease. It's decreasing infant and child mortality rates, as well as malnutrition. It's promoting gender equality and highlighting the power of girls. This is supplying a community with a distributed clean safe water system.

It's furnishing a community with a system that will last and will benefit generations and imparting knowledge so residents can manage and care for the system themselves. Together, please help us forever changing a little piece of the world. To fundraise for a complete community water solution, set your goal to USD 17,500 serving 2500 people on average. When you give $7, you give a life-time water solution to person on Lake Vitoria.