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You can Start A Fundraising Campaign


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See the following stages!

  • Set a fundraising goal.
  • Tell your story! Add a photo and explain your connection to the project.
  • Set an example. Make your own donation.
  • Share your story on Facebook and Twitter and tag PresAID Uganda.
  • Email your family and friends (Rotary, church, workmates)
  • Download the PresAID logo to maximize your fundraising efforts.
  • Activate PresAID's Facebook application and connect with your friends.
  • Send out a personal thank you and stay in touch with your donors.

Take what you love and turn it into water, some proven fundraising ideas:

  • PresAID Walk for Water: Number one fundraising idea! A Walk for Water connects the walking that school going children around the world do daily for drinking water, raises awareness in our communities and raises funds through donations!.
  • Sell PresAID t-shirts: Find out how to order t-shirt
  • Sell PresAID water bottles: Find out how to order water bottles.
  • Give it up to give it away: Make water your only beverage for 2 weeks. Save the money you would usually spend on beverages. After 2 weeks, donate the money you saved to PresAID & give someone clean water for a lifetime.
  • Collect a Mile of Pennies: It takes 84,480 pennies laid end-to-end to stretch the length of a mile. That's $844.80!
  • Sports Fundraisers: Whether you're cycling, running a marathon, climbing Mt. Rainier or anything in between, raise money for clean water.
  • Birthday Fundraisers: Instead of gifts, ask friends to donate in your name. Celebrate your birthday and clean water at the same time.
  • Creative Fundraisers: Host a themed dinner party, bake and sell pies-just do it for water.